Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How can I get debt consolidation with hospital bills and non credit card debt?

I have a bunch of hospital bills that really cost me in credit scores. I really want to try to consolidate it but I can%26#039;t find anyone who does debt consolidation without credit card debt. Any suggestions?|||Call the hospital and see if they have any programs that can help. Last month when I ended up in the ER with my gallbladder we got put on a payment plan where we only pay off $28 a month until the bill is gone. The surgeons office also worked out a plan where we actually only have to pay half of what the bill would have been (because my dingbat husband cancled our health insurance back in May *smacks head against wall*).|||Go and sit down with hospital administration face to face. They will work with you.

How do you settle debt with credit card companies?

I%26#039;ve got some debt that%26#039;s currently in collections. And I got to talking to one of the debt collectors and he revealed that the average company is willing to settle for about 75% of the debt owed.

But since they%26#039;re basically screwing you with outragous interest that never allows you to really pay off the principal debt, are they willing to settle for even less.

What are some useful tricks when dealing with these parasites?

|||Do not talk with debt collectors over the phone. No mather how smart you think you are, they are trained to get the best of you.

Instead send them a letter stating that the cannot contact you by phone anymore. Any contact has to be by US mail to an address that you specify. Send letter by certified mail and keep copies for your records.

Never reveal any personal information to a debt collector. They will use it against you. Don%26#039;t appear desperate, just play the waiting game with them. Remember, that you have the power, you have the money, and they are the ones who want to get their hands on it.

If they come up with a settlement that seems fair to you, include a %26quot;pay for delete%26quot; agreement. Don%26#039;t pay them a dime before they agree to delete all derogatory information they have placed in your credit files. It is very important that you get the agreement in writing first before you pay.

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|||Check out this book Dealing with Debt: Beating the Bill Collectors at their Own Game by Sierra Rogers. It tells you how to actually talk to bill collectors, including a chapter on negotiating settlements. The website is http://www.dealingwithdebt.net... It really helped me out. Good luck! Report Abuse
|||Go to hotdebts.com and they have several ways you can do this Report Abuse
|||Educate yourself before you call back the collector. They purchase debts for pennies on the dollar. If charge off was 1000, they could have purchased it for 150.00 and now come after your for the full 1000 plus fees. A charge off at a bank is a lost of profits, this is in the end is great for the bank for it effects amount of business taxes paid. It is a hassle though. Educate yourself. Follow the link below. And do not let them threaten of lawsuit. Court fees cost more than debt, even if they paid pennies on the dollar.|||

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i am in like over $30,000 debt. is there anyway i could make money with out really budgeting? keep in mind that i own a store, so i have to buy items for it everyweek.|||I would seek a financial professional. I met with a Primerica representative and they help me get out of debt. There is no fee to see them and they gave me a free financial needs analysis. Since they don%26#039;t charge clients anything, they do ask for referrals, which I had no problem with.|||Consolidate All Of My Debt http://www.consolidateallofmyd... will lower almost all your credit card debt to zero percent 0%. Report Abuse
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|||Is there any reason why you do not want to budget? I know that it has a huge negative view, but creating a budget is really not hard and once you get started with one and you see it work, it starts to get fun. Report Abuse
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|||Why would you not budget? Especially if you own a store. That%26#039;s just foolishness - how will you know what to pay in taxes? How will you know if your business is making any money? Budgeting is a part of doing business. If you don%26#039;t do it yourself, hire an accountant to take care of it for you. Maybe that%26#039;s WHY you%26#039;re $30,000 in debt.

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you HAVE to have a spending plan. Do it now!|||There%26#039;s an interesting book titled %26quot;Rich Dad, Poor Dad.%26quot; You may want to check it out.|||Get a Dave Ramsey book... he is amazing at helping people get out of debt... Good Luck.